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Insurance Glossary
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There are 14 names in this directory beginning with the letter A.
Ab Initio
A term used to describe avoidance of a contract from its inception or its beginning. The Insurance Contracts Act allows an insurer to avoid a policy ab initio in situations where an insured fraudulently non-disclosed or fraudulently misrepresented information when applying for insurance.

An unplanned and unexpected event which occurs suddenly and at a definite place.

Accident cover
Provides benefits in the event of an accident occurring during the period of cover. Usually refers to insurance covering injury or death arising out of violent, accidental, external and visible means.

Act of God
An event or occurrence due to natural causes which occurs independently of human intervention and either could not be foreseen, or if foreseen, could not be reasonably guarded against. (e.g. storm, flood, earthquake, cyclone)

Also known as an assessor is a representative of the insurer who seeks to determine the extent of the company's liability for loss when a claim is submitted.

A person holding an agency agreement with an insurer and who, for reward, carries on the business of arranging contracts of insurance as agent for one or more insurers. Such an agent is referred to as an Authorised Representative.

Aggregate Limit
Usually refers to liability insurance and indicates the amount of coverage that the insured has under the contract for a specific period of time, usually the contract period, no matter how many separate accidents might occur.

Aggrieved party
A party who has been wronged. A person who is a victim is said to be aggrieved.

Agreed Value
(Usually associated with motor vehicle insurance) A car's agreed value is set at the beginning of each period of cover. It is based on the fair value given then for the cars make and model in the motor trade's most commonly accepted price handbook. The value doesn't change for the period of cover.

Amount covered
The current amount covered is shown on the most recent of the insurance schedule and the renewal notice. It is the most the insurer will pay, less any excess, for a claim that is covered by the policy. The amount covered includes GST.

A system of deciding legal disputes between an insured and an insurer by use of a private tribunal outside of the court system.

Any unlawful setting fire to property.

Australian Financial Services Licensee
A person who holds an Australian Financial Services licence.

Authorised Representitive
Is an individual or company who is not an employee of an Australian Financial Services licence but is authorised to provide financial services under their Australian Financial Services Licence.
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