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Insurance Glossary
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Market Value
The fair price for which something can be sold in its current condition.

Material facts
Facts which are relevant to the situation. For example, speeding fines would be relevant to a motor vehicle proposal but probably would not be relevant to a house insurance application. The Insurance Contracts Act requires a proposer to reveal facts which a "reasonable person" would think are relevant.

Misrepresentation occurs when the insured has provided information to an insurer but that information is incorrect. Fraudulent misrepresentation will allow an insurer to avoid a contract from its inception. Innocent misrepresentation does not allow an insurer to avoid a contract but the insurer can cancel the contract, and may reduce any claim by the extent of the prejudice suffered by the insurer.

Moral hazard
There may be certain risks regarding the basic honesty and integrity of a person who is seeking insurance. For example, a person who has been convicted of theft may be more likely to lodge a fraudulent claim.
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