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Insurance Glossary
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Failure to use a degree of care which an ordinary reasonable person would use under the given or similar circumstances. A person may be negligent by acts of omission or commission or both.

New for Old
(usually referred to as replacement and reinstatement) - Replacing your existing old damaged items or equipment with new ones.

No claim bonus
The amount by which a renewal premium is reduced as a result of no claims being made during the preceding period of insurance.

Non-admitted Insurer
An insurance company that has not been licensed to write insurance in a given jurisdiction. (US)

This must be distinguished from misrepresentation. Misrepresentation is the provision of information which is subsequently found to be incorrect. Whereas, non-disclosure is the withholding of information from an insurer. If there has been non-disclosure prior to inception then the insurer is able to cancel the contract and may also reduce its liability to the insured. If the non-disclosure was fraudulent then the insurer has the right to avoid the contract from its inception. If the insured's non-disclosure was innocent, then in order to reduce its liability under the policy the insurer must prove that, had it known the true situation at the time, the policy terms and/or premium would have been different. Liability is reduced to an amount that puts the insurer in the same position they would have been in had the non-disclosure not occurred. Where an insured fails to answer a question, or gives an obviously incomplete or irrelevant answer to a question, the insurer is deemed to have waived compliance with the duty of disclosure unless the insurer makes enquiry and follows up the defective information.
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